Doing The Name Change In Legal Terms

family-lawAnyone can change their name into anything they want. Why would anyone change their name? There are many reasons as to why they would do so. Changing your name is not easy and there are many legal barriers that you have to cross before doing it. It also comes with certain limitations.

family-lawA name change cannot be done for escaping any debit or criminal activity. Likewise, changing the name for the sake of doing a crime is also illegal. Name change for misleading people is also a bad idea. Therefore, you need to have a justifiable reason as to why you want a name change. Also, your new name cannot have numerals or resemble any celebrities.

One of the most common reasons for the name change is marriage. You and your spouse can get a marriage certificate and get to the government office for name change process. Failed marriage leading to divorce is also another reason for the name change. Divorce decrees will help you in changing your name to your maiden name. You can approach a local courthouse to understand what would be the requirement for the name change and carry the necessary paperwork for undergoing the process.

Alternatively, you approach a lawyer who can help you to get this sorted out.