Using Power Tools Outside, What Time Can You Legally Start?

Noise is generally something that people don’t want to hear. It might be too loud for them or too intrusive. Those who are exposed to noise can’t sleep at night. They also can’t have conversations at home without shouting.

This is why there are regulations set especially for loud sounds in residential areas. The government sees to it that people are not disturbed when they are sleeping, but also allow noise to take place for construction and other important purposes.

Using power tools outside your home can cause a lot of noise. For instance, you have to cut a huge tree. Using chainsaws will most likely cause unwanted noise. However, since you have to put that tree down, the government would allow you provided that you only do it at certain hours during the day.

According to Sections 60 and 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, there are conditions in which constructions sites are allowed to be opened to limit noise impact. The same thing is applicable for related activities.


Saturday:  8am until 1pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays: No noisy operations allowed

Monday to Friday: 8am until 6pm

Failure to follow the schedule could result to fines. Repeated violations may even force the government to shut the construction down. If you are using tools like chainsaws in a residential area, you will be warned if you are using it beyond the allowable time. You may also be fined for repeated offense. Take note that the amount could go up to £20,000 if you ignore warnings. Again, this has been the law for several decades. You have no choice but to just follow it.

Choosing the right equipment

The good thing is that modern technology allows you to carry out certain operations without causing too much noise. For instance, you can check out these chainsaw reviews for 2017 and find out which chainsaws are perfect to be used in residential areas. You can find chainsaw models that limit the sound being produced. Hence, it does not cause disturbance to other people.

It also helps if you inform your neighbours in advance regarding the operation to be done. They will most likely allow you to do so especially if it is a necessity. For instance, the tree has to be cut down because of an incoming storm. They would also be able to prepare for the operation. They can leave the house and take the kids with them. If not, they can buy noise canceling headphones so their kids won’t be rattled.

These laws are in place because the government wants to protect the people. You must not be irritated even if you really want to use the chainsaws at home. Imagine if the situations were reversed. What if there is a construction site nearby that operates even during the wee hours of the night? You also don’t want to experience the same problem. This is why it is in your best interest to follow the law as it also helps you out.

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