Are Beards Appropriate for Lawyers?

Back then, beards symbolize virility, strength and a higher social status. This is why most men in history had really long beards. Eventually, beards were found to be a major hindrance during wars. Hence, men during those times felt the urge to keep their beards shorter.

Today, beards are still popular among certain gentlemen. Others prefer to keep things clean. Whatever it is that you feel is more suitable to your personality, go for it. Keep in mind the profession that you have. There are professions in which growing long beards is highly discouraged.

Lawyers are among them. There is no rule saying that lawyers can’t have beards. However, in a court room, they are generally distracting. The focus must be on the case and not on the appearance of the lawyer. You don’t want too much attention on you to a point that people are no longer listening to the merits of the case.

A symbol of cleanliness

In court, it is also important to prove innocence. Usually, we associate cleanliness with innocence. If you enter the court without a beard and you are in your best outfit, the jury will sense that you are not hiding anything. Perhaps, you are an honest lawyer who only wants to best interest of your client. Advise your client to also shave the beard off if possible. There are instances in which the jury makes decision not on the evidence presented but on how they feel about the persons involved based on their appearance.

Look your best

The moment you enter the court room with your beard shaved off and looking really neat, you will feel more confident. It also doesn’t take time to prepare yourself physically in the morning so you will have more time preparing your arguments.

It is time to read a shaverguide and buy an electric shaver now if you are in this profession and you are starting to grow long beards. Again, this is not to prevent you from expressing yourself. It so happened that you are in this profession. It helps if you appear neater and tidier inside a court room. You will earn the respect of everyone as a lawyer because you look respectable to begin with.

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