Want to Mow Your Lawn in the Morning? Check the Laws First

rush-733618_640Lawn mowers are designed for heavy-duty use. They last for a very long time. Most of the high quality brands are really expensive, but it does not matter. If you can use them for years, it should be easy to decide to invest on it.

In fact, mowing your lawn has already become a normal part of your week. There are times when you feel like the grass has already grown tall and so your instinct is to take the lawn mower out and do the job. Before you do so this time, you have to understand that there are new laws introduced and it could affect your usage of the lawn mower.

According to this law, lawn mowers using a power of over 1600 watts are already illegal. You can’t just take them out and use them in your garden to cut grass anymore. Most of the lawn mowers manufactured before are powerful and they can also do the job fast.

The reason why this law was implemented was because UK along with the rest of the EU countries, want to fight climate change. Aside from automobiles, there are non-road machines with really high emissions. Lawn mowers are one of them. If the government does not impose bans on super powerful lawn mowers, it could impede the achievement of their goals in fighting global warming.

You can still keep mowing your lawn

The first thing that you need to do is to check the wattage of the lawn mower that you have at home. If it is lower than 1600, it won’t affect you at all. Just get the mower and start working. On the other hand, if it is beyond the said limit, perhaps you should consider buying a new one.

It might take time though before the full teeth of the law can be implemented and there are still a lot of households with the older lawn mowers. To be safe, it is better if you will just buy a new one. There are a lot of high quality lawn mowers out there that you can invest your money on. You may also check  around for a corded lawn mower review in case you are interested buying a new one of this kind.

There are manufacturing companies that have threatened pulling out of the European market because of this law. They would rather invest elsewhere than join the fight against climate change. They don’t deserve to be supported in the first place.

Just accept the law

Yes, it is really difficult to live by this new ban. You also have no assurance that this is the last. There will definitely be more laws to be implemented in the future to aid in the region’s fight against global warming. Therefore, you need to think of your kids and their future. You might be sacrificing for now, but this is for their future. Just follow the law and enjoy your new lawn mower in no time. There are a lot of available machines online for you to choose from.

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